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Bakhoor Fatima 70g


Bakhoor Fatima is a harmonious blend of sunlit bergamot, succulent peach, calming chamomile, earthy vetiver, timeless woods, and lingering musk. When ignited, its delicate smoke dances gracefully, touching every room corner with an air of sophistication and serenity. A symphonic fragrance experience.

Bakhoor Sheikha 70g


Bakhoor Sheikha envelops spaces in a regal blend of sweet festivities, profound woody richness, and tender rosy allure. When lit, its luxurious smoke caresses every corner, evoking the grandeur and elegance of royal courts. A noble journey in scent.

Bakhoor Oud Sharqia 70g


Bakhoor Oud Sharqia captures the essence of the East with balsamic serenity, smoky tales, rugged leather allure, and the depth of woody oud. Once ignited, its enigmatic smoke fills every room corner, offering a haunting passage to Eastern mysteries. An incense journey through the soul of Sharqia.

Bakhoor Black Oud 70g


Bakhoor Black Oud marries the deep allure of woods with the warmth of amber and the gentle caress of roses. When ignited, its evocative smoke delicately touches every room corner, offering a mesmerizing blend of nature’s finest fragrances. Beyond mere incense, it’s a sensory journey to a world of elegance and depth.

Bakhoor Al Azhar 70g


Bakhoor Al Azhar delivers a vibrant blend of zesty citrus, exotic spices, and deep musk. Once ignited, its mystical smoke permeates every room corner, offering a journey of aromatic allure and timeless tales. It’s more than incense; it’s a fragrance expedition.

Bakhoor Al Anwar 70g


Bakhoor Al Anwar envelops you in sweet, floral, and powdery accords. Upon ignition, its enchanting smoke reaches every room corner, leaving a lasting, captivating fragrance. More than just incense, it’s a poetic journey through timeless elegance and beauty.

Bakhoor Ameera 70g


A magnificent incense, Bakhoor Ameera combines the depth of ancient woods with the energising zest of citrus and the freshness of nature. When lit, its ethereal smoke slowly finds out every nook and cranny, filling rooms with a lingering, captivating scent. It’s a timeless story and a sensory trip that goes beyond incense.

Bakhoor Biscuit Collection


Bakhoor biscuit, also known as Bakhoor chocolate or powder cake, is a blend of fragrant woods, resins, and perfume oil in a compressed powder form. Each 40-gram packet contains 9 cubes. An affordable choice from renowned UAE brands Ard Al Zaafaran & Lattafa, it provides a lasting fragrance when burned on charcoal. Various other bakhoor fragrances are also available for exploration.

Bakhoor Al Maghribi by Saarfaraz Fragrance


Bakhoor Al Maghribi (30gm) by Saarfaraz Fragrance Exclusively sold by Mukarramah.co Excellent Quality Bakhoor Al Maghribi is a rich Oriental by Saarfaraz Fragrance. The mild and woody scent consists of amber & musk notes. Has a long lasting and pleasant …

Bakhoor Oudh Nabeel by Nabeel Perfumes


Oudh Nabeel (60gm) by Nabeel Perfumes Exclusively sold by Mukarramah.co Oudh Nabeel Bakhoor Incense by Nabeel! Oudh Nabeel is a beautiful blend of light and sweet oudh pieces soaked in fragrant oils. These chips are burned in incense burners to …

Bakhoor Biscuit Nabeel Collection


Discover the exquisite Bakhoor Collection by Nabeel Perfumes. This curated range includes five signature scents: Bakhoor Nabeel, Bakhoor Nabeel Black, Bakhoor Nasaem, Bakhoor Makh Mikh, and Bakhoor Ghawi. From the classic warmth of Bakhoor Nabeel to the invigorating essence of Bakhoor Ghawi, there’s a fragrance to suit every preference. Dive into a world of aromatic luxury with Nabeel Perfumes.

Bakhoor Saarfaraz Collection


BAKHOOR SAARFARAZ 30g BY SAARFARAZ FRAGRANCE Exclusively sold by Mukarramah.co Bakhoor Saarfaraz by Saarfaraz Fragrance is a local bakhoor manufacturer. Handmade from 100% agarwood powder & quality fragrances from the Middle East. Formerly popular with Bakhoor Al Maghribi which sold …