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Bakhoor Oudh Barakah by Al Haramain


Oudh Barakah (40gm) by Al Haramain Exclusively sold by Let yourself be charmed by the pleasant essences of Al Haramain Oudh Barakah in Incense. A precious fragrance that will make you appreciate the effluences that follow: Oud, amber, floral, …

Bakhoor Oudh Ma’al Attar by Al Haramain


OUDH MA’AL ATTAR (40gm) by AL HARAMAIN Exclusively sold by You will love the haunting scents of Al Haramain Oudh Ma’al Attar Medium in Incense. A special fragrance that will embalm you effusions Oud, musky, floral, oriental, mukhallat. The …

Bakhoor Bukhoor Sample Al Haramain 4gm


4GRAM BAKHOOR SAMPLE AL HARAMAIN COLLECTIONS Exclusively sold by To make it easier for you to choose bakhoor scents from our store, we offer a wide collection of fragrance samples from the Al Haramain collection. Popular brand from UAE …

Bakhoor Oudh Laosi 50gm by Al Haramain


BAKHOOR OUDH LAOSI 50gm by AL HARAMAIN Exclusively sold by Discover the delicate fragrances of Al Haramain Oudh Laosi in Incense. A remarkable perfume that will embalm you of the exhaltations that follow: Oud, oriental. The perfume brand Al …

Bakhoor Bangkok 100gm by Al Haramain


BUKHOOR BANGKOK 100gm by Al Haramain Exclusively sold by Fall under the spell of the pleasant fragrances of Al Haramain Bukhoor Bangkok in Incense. A unique aroma that will make you love the fragrances that compose it: Oud, woody, …