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Mabkhara Aluminium Foil


Bakhoor Mini Aluminium Foil by Exclusively sold by [EN] Bakhoor mini aluminum foil is very important for bakhoor users. It can maintain the lifespan of your mabkhara as well as can prevent your mabkhara from rusting. The small …

Portable Bakhoor / Mabkhara


PORTABLE MABKHARA / BAKHOOR Exclusively sold by This multi -colored Mabkhara portable is very easy to use. Very unique and easy to carry anywhere, it is perfect for speeding up the bakhoor fragrance of the home or office environment. …

Bakhoor Jet Torch Lighter


BAKHOOR JET TORCH LIGHTER Exclusively sold by This jet torch lighter is very easy to use to burn your bakhoor charcoal. You can adjust the strength under this lighter. Available in a variety of colors. Please do not continue …

Colorful Bakhoor Charcoal


Colorful Bakhoor Charcoal Box/80pcs by IVYA Exclusively sold by The colorful charcoal from Ivya is a durable and odorless charcoal for your bakhoor. 33mm in size which definitely looks attractive when lit on top of your mabkhara. Features: – …

Bakhoor Oud Makkah & Madinah


OUD MAKKAH & MADINAH 40GM Exclusively sold by Bakhoor Oud Makkah & Madinah is a mixed scent of Makkah & Madinah. With a mixture of musky scents & flowers definitely fragrant to enjoy. This bakhoor is made in Saudi …

Bakhoor Oud Rawdah Almadinah


OUD RAWDAH ALMADINAH 40GM Exclusively sold by Are you looking for a smell like Medina? Bakhoor Rawdah Almadinah is a bakhoor scent with a raudhah profile. It smells sweet, soft & flowery. This Bakhoor is a 100% original product …

Mabkhara Kuwaiti Bakhoor Burner


MABKHARA KUWAITI by Exclusively sold by [EN] Mabkhara Kuwaiti is made from a resin process. Inspired by Kuwaiti design and available in a variety of colors. Very suitable as a gift. [BM] Mabkhara Kuwaiti dibuat daripada proses resin. …