Ajmal Ehsas Bloom


Ajmal Ehsas Bloom by Ard Al Zaafaran opens with a refreshing blend of honeysuckle, oranges, and green notes, transitioning into a heart enriched by jasmine and tuberose. This fragrance gracefully settles into a comforting base of creamy vanilla, sophisticated orris, and deep sandalwood. It’s a harmonious interplay of floral and warm tones, capturing the essence of sophisticated femininity and timeless elegance.

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Product Description

Ajmal Ehsas Bloom by Ard Al Zaafaran unveils a poetic tapestry of scents that celebrates the essence of sophisticated femininity. The fragrance gracefully opens with the enchanting allure of honeysuckle, paired with the refreshing zest of oranges and the invigorating touch of green notes. This luminous beginning sets the stage for the heart of the perfume where the captivating scents of jasmine and the intoxicating richness of tuberose weave a spellbinding narrative.

As the scent matures, it settles into a warm and comforting base dominated by the creamy nuances of vanilla. The sophisticated aroma of orris and the deep, woody essence of sandalwood further accentuate its depth, making the perfume a harmonious blend of floral and warm tones.

Featuring a melody of white florals, tuberose, powdery undertones, and creamy textures, Ajmal Ehsas Bloom encapsulates an ambiance of pure elegance, optimism, and sensuality. With each layer revealing a new facet of its complexity, this fragrance is a true testament to the art of perfume crafting.

Product Details

Main Accords
White Florals, Tuberose, Powdery, Soft, Creamy
Opening Note Heart Note Base Note
Honeysuckle, Oranges, Green Notes Jasmine, Tuberose Vanilla, Orris, Sandalwood
    • Suitability: For Her
    • Formulation: Liquid/Spray
    • Volume: 100ml
    • Origin: 🇦🇪 UAE

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