Fruit Nectars Juice by Juss | Orange | Pineapple | Mango | Peach | Pomegranate


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Fruit Nectar Juice 1L by Juss
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Juss Fruit Nectar Juice imported from Turkey, Its rich in flavour and supplies the cunsumers body with vitamins.

1.) Orange Nectar
Breakfast, which is one of the most important meals of the day, has a big share on our balanced diet. We have produced Juss Orange Nectar which is created from local oranges which were reamed during the season to add pleasure and flavour to your big Sunday breakfasts. Remember to store vitamin C with orange nectar obtained from all delicious local oranges in Turkey.

2.) Pineapple Drink
Nothing can replace the sea, sand and the sun trio, but there are several nice things that come to mind when summer is spoken of. One of them is delicious pineapple juice that makes you feel at the first sip. We have pre-pared Juss Pineapple Beverage for you to enjoy your summer as much as you like in every season.

3.) Mango Fruit Drink
One of the nicest things remembered in the summer is the tropical fruit mango. Beware: You can feel yourself on the tropical islands with a sip of Juss Mango Fruit Beverage.

4.) Peach Nectar
Peach, immediately reveals its sensitivity hidden beneath its firm and strong image when you press it a little. For this reason, we carefully ream the juice of the peaches collected with fingertips and treasured. Juss has produced the nectar for you by taking into consideration all the sensitivity of the peach. You will feel that sensitivity when you drink a sip of Juss Peach Nectar.

5.) Pomegranate Nectar / Delima
We have produced Juss Pomegranate nectar for those who love pomegranate but are tardy to deseed it. Pome-granate nectar attracts attention with its benefits as well as being easy to drink and delicious.

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