Oud Lail Maleki


Oud Lail Maleki by Lattafa is a unisex perfume with a preference for strong, captivating aromas. Opening notes include ozonic elements, pink pepper, plum, and saffron, leading to a heart filled with robust tobacco, spices, and leather. The base notes reveal rich oud, warm amber, sensual musk, and sweet caramel. This fragrance offers a bold scent journey, making it a perfect choice for individuals who appreciate powerful fragrances.

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Product Description

Oud Lail Maleki Perfume by Lattafa, a compelling variant of the original Lail Maleki, now amplified with the profound scent of oud. This fragrance, unisex in its appeal, is a tribute to those who hold a preference for strong, bold aromas.

The opening notes of this mesmerizing perfume present a complex, vibrant blend of ozonic elements, spicy pink pepper, succulent plum, and exotic saffron. This vibrant combination strikes an impressive balance between fresh, sweet, and spicy tones, creating an invigorating start to the scent journey.

Transitioning into the heart of the perfume, you’ll experience a potent and characterful blend of robust tobacco, a myriad of spices, and opulent leather. These elements conjure a captivating, intense aroma, adding depth and complexity to the fragrance narrative.

As the perfume gently fades, the base notes of rich oud, warm amber, sensual musk, and sweet caramel unveil themselves, creating a memorable finish. This wonderfully harmonious blend brings a lasting richness and depth, leaving a lingering, unforgettable impression.

Oud Lail Maleki by Lattafa is a fragrance designed for individuals who enjoy making a bold statement. Its intoxicating blend of notes makes it a perfect choice for men and women who appreciate the captivating allure of powerful scents.

Product Details

Main Accords
Spicy, Oriental, Woody, Leathery, Resinous
Opening Note Heart Note Base Note
Ozonic, Pink pepper, Plum, Saffron Tobacco, Spices, Leather Oud, Amber, Musk, Caramel
    • Suitability: Unisex
    • Formulation: Liquid/Spray
    • Volume: 100ml
    • Origin: 🇦🇪 UAE

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