The Rihanna Perfume by Ard Al Zaafaran is an enchanting feminine fragrance characterized by its sweet-fresh and floral elements. It opens with a lively blend of grapefruit, oranges, peaches, and plums, leading to a heart of orange blossom, tuberose, iris, coconut, and hyacinth. The perfume concludes with a warm, oriental base of sandalwood, tonka, musk, vanilla, and amber. This captivating journey from sweet-fresh to deep and warm makes it a perfect choice for any occasion.

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Product Description

Emanating an aura of captivating allure, the Rihanna Perfume, crafted by Ard Al Zaafaran, is an enchanting blend that embodies the essence of femininity in its floral and sweet-fresh nuances. As you immerse yourself in its sublime scent, your senses are first greeted by a vivacious top note – a delightful cocktail of ripe grapefruit, luscious oranges, juicy peaches, and succulent plums that awaken the senses with their fresh sweetness.

As you venture deeper, the heart note unfurls itself – a tender symphony of exquisite orange blossom, intoxicating tuberose, delicate iris, tropical coconut, and fragrant hyacinth. This floral medley weaves a narrative of delicate sophistication, lending an irresistible charm to the perfume.

As the aroma slowly ebbs away, it leaves behind an oriental base note that emanates an entrancing depth and warmth. The gentle whispers of earthy sandalwood, creamy tonka, sensual musk, luscious vanilla, and resiny amber create an undercurrent of enduring richness.

The Rihanna Perfume offers a beautiful journey from its invigoratingly sweet-fresh opening to its warm and deep finale, its oriental accents adding an exotic touch. This masterfully blended perfume is the perfect adornment for any occasion, subtly accentuating your natural elegance with its multifaceted symphony of scents.

Product Details

Main Accords
Fruity, Vanilla, Flowery, Sweet, Musk
Opening Note Heart Note Base Note
Grapefruit, Oranges, Peach, Plums Orange blossom, Tuberose, iris, Coconut, Hyacinth Sandalwood, Tonka, Musk, Vanilla, Amber
    • Suitability: For Her
    • Formulation: Liquid/Spray
    • Volume: 100ml
    • Origin: 🇦🇪 UAE

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