Bakhoor Bangkok 100gm by Al Haramain


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BUKHOOR BANGKOK 100gm by Al Haramain
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Fall under the spell of the pleasant fragrances of Al Haramain Bukhoor Bangkok in Incense. A unique aroma that will make you love the fragrances that compose it: Oud, woody, oriental, mukhallat. The brand of perfume Al Haramain has accomplished the feat of making a perfume worthy of the name with the help of Oud, Safran, Sandalwood, Rose. Make the right choice and have this jewelery of the oriental perfumery delivered without delay.

Notes: Attar and Essential oils of Oudh, Saffron, Sandalwood, and Rose. A Great Thai wood fragrance

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1 x Bukhoor Bangkok 100gram
1 x Al Haramain Gold Clipper (Freegift!)

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