Bakhoor Al Anwar 70g


Bakhoor Al Anwar envelops you in sweet, floral, and powdery accords. Upon ignition, its enchanting smoke reaches every room corner, leaving a lasting, captivating fragrance. More than just incense, it’s a poetic journey through timeless elegance and beauty.

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Product Description

Introducing Bakhoor Al Anwar by Hamidi, a sublime incense that weaves a tapestry of fragrant delights. Drawing you in with accords of sweet intoxication, floral elegance, and a delicate powdery finish, it paints a picture that transcends the ordinary and whispers of timeless beauty.

As you ignite Bakhoor Al Anwar, you are met with a sumptuous embrace of sweetness, akin to a serenade of sugared blossoms. Slowly unfolding, the floral heart begins to bloom, offering an elegant dance of petals in the wind, refined and graceful. The scent concludes with a soft powdery touch, akin to a gentle kiss of morning dew on a fragile bloom.

What makes Bakhoor Al Anwar truly extraordinary is the enchanting dance of its smoke as it burns. Silent and subtle, it reaches into every hidden crevice and corner of the room, leaving behind a hauntingly beautiful presence that lingers and captivates.

Allow Bakhoor Al Anwar by Hamidi to redefine your surroundings. Let it sneak into the hidden places of your heart and your home, filling them with fragrances that are sweet, floral, and endlessly enchanting. It’s not just an incense; it’s a poetic experience, a fragrant memory etched in time.

Product Details

Main Accords
Sweet, Floral, Powdery
    • Suitability: Home, Office & Occasion
    • Formulation: Compressed Oud Powder
    • Volume: 70g
    • Origin: 🇦🇪 UAE

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Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 cm


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