Bakhoor Ameera 70g


A magnificent incense, Bakhoor Ameera combines the depth of ancient woods with the energising zest of citrus and the freshness of nature. When lit, its ethereal smoke slowly finds out every nook and cranny, filling rooms with a lingering, captivating scent. It’s a timeless story and a sensory trip that goes beyond incense.

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Product Description

Step into an ethereal world of sensory delight with Bakhoor Ameera by Hamidi, an incense that transcends the ordinary. Crafted with meticulous attention, this bakhoor intertwines the invigorating freshness of nature, the depth of ancient woods, and the spirited zest of citrus groves.

The initial scent that arises is reminiscent of a refreshing morning breeze, where the sparkling notes of citrus are seamlessly woven with nature’s freshness. But as you journey deeper, you’ll be embraced by a woody heart that conjures images of majestic forests, standing tall through the annals of time.

Yet, the magic of Bakhoor Ameera doesn’t stop at its notes. Once ignited, its smoke moves like a wisp of a dream, seeking every hidden corner of your abode. Stealthy and graceful, it sneaks into the room’s recesses, filling them with an aroma that lingers, whispers, and enchants.

Let Bakhoor Ameera by Hamidi transform your sanctuary, connecting the seen with the unseen, the known with the mysterious, and the now with the timeless. It’s not just incense; it’s a story waiting to be told.

Product Details

Main Accords
Fresh, Woody, Citrus
    • Suitability: Home, Office & Occasion
    • Formulation: Compressed Oud Powder
    • Volume: 70g
    • Origin: 🇦🇪 UAE

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